The Internet 🌐 is a wealth of information and deserves a new kind of digital-native library. Let’s build 🔨 it together!



Most people don’t learn how to navigate life intentionally and be independent thinkers because this material is not taught in traditional education**.** School doesn’t teach you how to think. But there are so many things we wish we could tell our younger selves in hindsight. Resources you’d give them. Essay’s you’d want them to read. Questions you’d want them to ask and answers you’d want to give them. Fortunately, lots of smart people have written about their hard-earned learnings online. So knowing where to look is the bottleneck.

We’re building a curated, crowdsourced library for life, where we collect the best of what people have written/shared about in various domains. Think like a handbook to life, with the best of what everyone has written about all collected in one place. We have sections for things like career (how to choose what to work on, how to have an impact etc.), life (how to find meaning and purpose, how to be happy etc.), relationships (how to make friends, how to build meaningful relationships etc.), and various other important domains.

We think that collecting all of these resources in one place will unlock a tremendous amount of potential, agency, and leverage in the world. We believe that the most valuable thing you can give to a person is teaching them how to think. Everything is downstream of this. We think a curated library can help uplift people and propel them forward in all aspects of their lives by doing just that.

With ❤️,

Your friendly neighborhood librarians


This is a picture of the Alexandria Library, which was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the Ancient world. We want to be the Alexandria Library of the Internet.

The Library

Each high-level section is composed of smaller subsections, often organized as questions (when possible), with a list of relevant resources. Clicking on the page (link under the header) will take you to resources and relevant questions. You can preview the subsections with the toggle.

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